Yay! It's 2021! ............ Now what?

For many, the start of a new year comes with a renewed sense of hope, a newfound motivation, and the feeling that the worst is behind us and the future is bright. 

But, is the worst behind us? Is the future brighter?

The truth: it doesn't matter. 

What matters is what you do today to prepare yourself for tomorrow. We can only control one thing in this life: ourselves. So, what are you going to do for yourself in 2021 to make your future brighter? There are many specific answers that one could come up with, but, there is one thing you can do to have the most impact on yourself this year - keeping a neutral mindset.

As Trever Moawad, the country's #1 High Performance Brain Trainer says, “Neutral thinking beats positive thinking every time. Most people, whether they are world-class athletes, Special Forces members, or everyday folk, tend to think negatively. Rather than trying to make the jump from negative to positive, I say move from negative to neutral. Neutral thinking may be the greatest guarantor of success that I’ve ever seen.”

I can say from first hand experience, the power of neutral thinking is immense. If you were to ask me this time last year if I'd be punching the gas pedal on the Central California AHU board, I certainly would have responded with negative, probably sarcastic thinking. By the fall of 2020 I had fully adopted the "keep it neutral" mindset, and 5 months later I'm proud to serve on a board with some of the finest people in our industry, bringing you the highest quality education, entertainment and value with limitless potential.

Neutral thinking is a game changer. Keeping your mind open to what could be, as opposed to what hasn't been will unlock success you never thought possible. Today is a new day in Central California. Our industry is changing and those who remain open and neutral are leading the way. CCAHU is at the forefront of these changes, committed to keeping you informed with the mission of helping you be the highest performer you can be.

We can't control what happens in politics, we can't control what happens in healthcare, we can't control each other. But, we can control what we do every day. This year CCAHU challenges you to make a difference. Be a part of an organization who's making a difference. Drop that old way of thinking, open yourself to new possibilities, and most importantly - Stay neutral!


Wow. It’s already October! Regardless of how this year has treated you, we’re nearing the final stretch toward 2021. Just 14 short weeks remain in 2020 and I know many of you are well into your 4th quarter hustle already. I suspect for some of you, the Association of Health Underwriters is not at the forefront of your minds at the moment, and while I can certainly understand that, I’m here to tell you you’re missing out!

It’s official! The Central California Association of Health Underwriters has a new board of directors and a renewed energy like you’ve never seen before! Our board and I share a passion for our industry and the community we serve, and I know you do too. This coming year we’re dedicated to bringing our members the information, resources, and industry representation you need and deserve. I’m pumped for what we have in store this year and am honored to be leading the board into this new era.

CALLING ALL AGENTS AND PRODUCERS – We want YOU! This association exists to support our entire industry, not just carriers and general agents. Our carrier and GA partners are a phenomenal support and we wouldn’t exist the way we do today if it weren’t for their efforts and funding. But, that’s only one leg of our industry and it’s vital we have an even balance of independent agents and producers participating as well. Don’t like what CCAHU has been doing? Not seeing the value? Tell me! Be specific. Let’s talk about it and put our heads together to drive our chapter and this association to the level we need it to be together. We can’t do it without you, so it’s time to step-up and get involved!

It’s been said that 2020 has been the worst year ever. Whether that’s true for you or not, one thing is true – we only grow in life when we’re in a position of discomfort. I believe 2020 has been necessary to catapult us into one of the greatest phases many of us have ever seen. I’m encouraged to see our industry rise to the occasion, and I’m excited to do so together!

Stronger Together 

Central California Association of Health Underwriters